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Signal processing methods


file  AdaptiveFilter.h




class  gplib::AdaptiveFilter
 A generic base class for all types of adaptive filters. More...
class  gplib::AMRLSCanceller
 An implementation of the Recursive Least Squares filter with adptive memory as described in Hakin, p. 663. More...
class  gplib::ApplyFilter
 Apply an adaptive filter to a time-series. More...
class  gplib::IterDecon
 The iterative deconvolution algorithm, mainly used for receiver function computation. More...
class  gplib::LMSCanceller
 Implements a LMS adaptive filter. More...
class  gplib::LSSOFilter
 Base class for least squares filter with a single output value. More...
class  gplib::RLSCanceller
 Implements a recursive least-squares adaptive filter, as described in Haykin, p. 443. More...
class  gplib::WienerFilter
 This class is currently broken !!!!! More...
class  gplib::WienerInterpolator


void gplib::FastICA (rmat &input, rmat &source_estimate, rmat &mixing_matrix)

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void gplib::FastICA ( rmat &  input,
rmat &  source_estimate,
rmat &  mixing_matrix 

Definition at line 16 of file FastICA.h.

References gplib::PCA(), and gplib::WhiteMat().