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gplib::LMSCanceller Class Reference

Implements a LMS adaptive filter. More...

#include <LMSCanceller.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetMu (const double Mymu)
virtual void AdaptFilter (const gplib::rvec &Input, const gplib::rvec &Desired)
 Adapt the filter weights given the Input and Desired vectors. More...
 LMSCanceller (const int inputsize)
 LMSCanceller (const int inputsize, const double Mymu)
virtual ~LMSCanceller ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from gplib::LSSOFilter
virtual void CalcOutput (const gplib::rvec &Input, gplib::rvec &Output)
 The way to calculate the output is the same for all single output filters, we implement it here. More...
double CalcOutput (const gplib::rvec &Input)
 For single channel output we can also just return the output as a double. More...
const gplib::rvec & GetWeights ()
 Return the current set of weights. More...
virtual const gplib::rvec & GetWeightsAsVector ()
 Implement the abstract function from adaptive filter, in this case just another name for GetWeights. More...
virtual void PrintWeights (std::ostream &output)
 Print the weights to output stream. More...
 LSSOFilter (const int filterlength)
 The constructor only needs the filter length, outputsize for Adaptive filter is 1. More...
virtual ~LSSOFilter ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from gplib::AdaptiveFilter
const gplib::rvec & GetFilterOutput () const
 Access to the last calculated output (not sure if needed) More...
const gplib::rvec & GetEpsilon () const
 Return the last estimation error. More...
 AdaptiveFilter (const int inputsize, const int outputsize)
 The constructor needs to know the length of the input and output vectors for memory allocation. More...
virtual ~AdaptiveFilter ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from gplib::LSSOFilter
gplib::rvec & SetWeights ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gplib::AdaptiveFilter
unsigned int GetInputLength ()
 Access function for derived classes for the inputlength. More...
unsigned int GetOutputLength ()
 Access function for derived classes for the outputlength. More...
void SetEpsilon (const gplib::rvec &MyEps)
 Possibility for derived classes to set estimation error. More...
void SetOutput (const gplib::rvec &Out)
 Possibility for derived classes to set output. More...

Detailed Description

Implements a LMS adaptive filter.

LMSCanceller implements the Normalized Adaptive LMS Filter as described in Haykin, p. 324 , it only supports a single output channel an mutliple input channels have to be concatenated at the input side

Definition at line 19 of file LMSCanceller.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gplib::LMSCanceller::LMSCanceller ( const int  inputsize)

Definition at line 10 of file LMSCanceller.cpp.

gplib::LMSCanceller::LMSCanceller ( const int  inputsize,
const double  Mymu 

Definition at line 15 of file LMSCanceller.cpp.

gplib::LMSCanceller::~LMSCanceller ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void gplib::LMSCanceller::AdaptFilter ( const gplib::rvec &  Input,
const gplib::rvec &  Desired 
void gplib::LMSCanceller::SetMu ( const double  Mymu)

Definition at line 24 of file LMSCanceller.h.

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