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gplib::GeneralTranscribe Class Referenceabstract

General Transcribe base class for genetic algorithm parameter transcription. More...

#include <GeneralTranscribe.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ttranscribed GetValues (const tpopmember &member)=0
virtual int GetNparams ()=0
 GeneralTranscribe ()
 GeneralTranscribe (const GeneralTranscribe &Old)
virtual ~GeneralTranscribe ()

Detailed Description

General Transcribe base class for genetic algorithm parameter transcription.

General Transcribe: Base class for transcribing a gene string to numbers that can be handled by the Objective functions. Does not care about which parameter used by which function, but only returns a vector of doubles. This base class only defines the interface, but has no own functionality This version:

GeneralTranscribe.h 1816 2009-09-07 11:28:35Z mmoorkamp

Definition at line 17 of file GeneralTranscribe.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gplib::GeneralTranscribe::GeneralTranscribe ( )

Definition at line 5 of file GeneralTranscribe.cpp.

gplib::GeneralTranscribe::GeneralTranscribe ( const GeneralTranscribe Old)

The copy constructor is empty and will be removed in the future

Definition at line 12 of file GeneralTranscribe.cpp.

gplib::GeneralTranscribe::~GeneralTranscribe ( )

Definition at line 8 of file GeneralTranscribe.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int gplib::GeneralTranscribe::GetNparams ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in gplib::BinaryTranscribe.

virtual ttranscribed gplib::GeneralTranscribe::GetValues ( const tpopmember member)
pure virtual

The abstract function GetValues takes a population member as input and returns a vector of doubles, that are used as parameters for the objective functions

Implemented in gplib::BinaryTranscribe, and gplib::GrayTranscribe.

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